I recently bought a 1995 BMW M3 for $45k over 15 years. Did you know this car runs on gasoline? I was expecting an M car to run on something a little more exotic than that, like E85 or racing gasoline. Is BMW diluting the M brand to attract more non-enthusiast buyers? This must have been the first year they started to run on gasoline because the heads are warped, the exhaust is rusted out, the clutch is shot and the roof liner is coming down; These are all things I can fix myself meaning this is a proper enthusiast car, gasoline use not withstanding.

It takes a few minutes to start up and Im pretty sure there was a bunch of synthetic oil in it (which I removed because M cars are self lubricating) but this car is great. Im disappointed it has gasoline and oil which is non-enthusiast quality but for the price I couldn't beat it.

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